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Liz Hargest offers flute tuition to children and adults in the Cambridge area – teaching beginners to Diploma level flute. Flute lessons are generally conducted at Liz’s home in Ely.

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Who is Liz Hargest?

Liz is a highly experienced and dedicated flute teacher with qualifications in both traditional and Suzuki flute teaching. Her pupils range in age from five to adult and in ability from beginners to diploma level. Liz teaches at the Kings School Ely, at home, and at Suzuki flute weekend workshops and summer schools.

Liz teaches braille music and also teaches theory to both sighted and visually impaired pupils. Liz is part of the Cambridge Suzuki group working alongside piano, violin and cello teachers, organising book recitals and joint concerts. Liz is also a member of the Ely Sinfonia orchestra and performs with them when she is available.

Recently she has been involved in a film about Louis Braille and Braille music, directed and compiled by Michael House. She was filmed teaching and talking about the value of braille music. She was also filmed performing alongside the other musicians involved in the film featuring a piece called Hope, written by a young blind teenager.

Liz has a strong desire to further her own performance ability in all areas and attends courses nationally and internationally. She is an inspiration to all who meet her.

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Congraulations to Lauren & Sophie

Lauren Booth, who will be going into Year 11 in September, has achieved a 49/50 Distinction in her ARSM Diploma exam on the flute. This is the highest mark ever achieved by a King's Ely student and according to Neil Porter-Thaw, the school’s Director of Music, it is a mark very rarely achieved.

Sophie Hillier, who is also going into Year 11 next academic year, achieved 47/50 Distinction in her ARSM Diploma exam on the flute – again, an exceptional mark. Both Lauren and Sophie have been playing the flute since taking advantage of taster sessions in Year 2 at King's Ely Acremont Pre-Prep and Year 3 at King's Ely Junior. Their flute teacher, Liz Hargest, pictured here with the girls, is understandably proud of their results.

Lauren, Sophie and Liz Hargest

Liz said: "I am passionate about the flute and love the beautiful, silvery sound it makes. I have taught Lauren and Sophie from the ages of 6 and 8, respectively, and have inspired them to acquire the same love and passion for flute performance. Together we have nurtured and developed all the musical and technical skills needed to reach this standard of excellence. At the age of 15 in their recent ARSM performance diploma exams these girls have achieved outstanding marks. The girls appreciated Melody Day’s fine accompanying skills. This is a true example of how music making has enriched their lives. I am extremely happy for them and proud of all they have achieved."


Graded Exams

Liz prepares students for ABRSM & Trinity exams, usually performing from memory gaining excellent results from Grade 1 to Diploma.

Suzuki Levels

Learn by listening and performing from memory and quickly perform with true musicianship. Gradaute book levels through performing pieces that are recorded for examination.

ABRSM Theory

Theory lessons are given when students are ready to work through each theory book. Exams usually taken for Grade 3 and 5.

Braille Music

The complex braille code for music is taught to blind students so that they can they can work with their own instrumental teachers learning pieces and sight-reading.


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